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Providing clients with the home they’ve always wanted, while ensuring security and privacy have always been Glimpsewood’s primary goals, and remain central to how we conduct business. Read our testimonials below.

Homeowner in Weston, MA

Throughout our entire working relationship, it never seemed that his job was “work.” Rather, his job was something he truly cared about. He viewed us and his other clients not as a line-item on a duty ledger, but rather as families who had entrusted their homes to him. If an issue arose with something in the house, he took it personally and cared about getting it resolved just as much, if not more, than we did.

Industry Professional

Guy is a very dedicated and experienced professional. He expects nothing but the best, but is a pleasure to work with as he knows the renovation/construction business so well. In my many years of dealing with him, he has always been fair, reasonable and timely. I always welcome working together with him.

Homeowner in Wellesley, MA

Guy has always taken an ownership attitude to our home, always seeming to treat our home like it was his own. He is incredibly committed and loyal. We also just plain like him.

Industry Professional

I have worked with Guy for 10+ years on 20-30 projects. His attention to detail and customer centric mindset are beyond question. He knows how to manage a project in order to get the most out of his subcontractors and meet project deadlines. Whether it is ongoing yearly maintenance or a large construction projection his tireless work ethic and expertise will get the job done.

Homeowner in Wayland, MA

I found Guy to be very approachable, dependable, and hardworking. I greatly respected his judgement, and would often ask him to do what he thought was right. He was always able to navigate our busy household, and got things done carefully and respectfully of our privacy.

Industry Professional

I’ve worked with Guy for 10+ years on projects of varying levels of complexity and scope. I consider him a professional, and he’s expert in what he does. Guy’s grounding-post is always what’s best for the client, and he is doggedly focused on their needs and wishes. He’s able to communicate what are often very complex sets of building systems clearly to our clients, and he pulls from a deep pool of hands-on construction and managerial experience. We enjoy working with Guy whenever the chance presents itself. He’s a pro.

Homeowner in Weston, MA

Over the years, Guy did not disappoint. It quickly became apparent that he had other qualities that we came to value immensely: a sense of urgency, professionalism, great problem solving skills, and an attitude of “whatever it takes to make us happy.” He always made sure the quality of work was maintained and that our property was treated with care and professionalism; a team player, but was always looking out for our best interests.

Industry Professional

Guy is incredibly competent and remarkable with customers. He also understands construction, high level problem solving and the value of customer satisfaction and retention We have always found him tough but honest and fair…and have always respected the fact that his clients were his first priority. If you are looking for help in high end Construction and estate care, Guy should be a consideration

Homeowner in Lexington, MA

Guy’s service is outstanding in a profession that is known for unreliability and inconsistency. His planning, scheduling, oversite and insistence on top quality performance from everyone involved resulted in the renovation being completed one week ahead of schedule.

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